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"But there's been a pendulum shift in our thinking.

We now know that one of the things that improves sexual attractiveness is not always being in the presence of another person.

SJP, who, unlike her Sex and the City character, now has three kids, was ready to decamp to slightly more bucolic Brooklyn, the site said.

Broderick, on the other hand, would stay in the couple's West Village townhouse in order to be close to his work on Broadway.

Her boyfriend gained a new stable of freelance clients, in part, she admits, because "I'm not there at night harping on him to `step away from the Mac and love me.'" And even recent science proves the benefits of a little breathing room in the bedroom.

"Fifteen years ago, experts in the field of sex therapy used to say that the best sex was among the people who were the most intimate—who knew all of the warts," says Scott Haltzman, MD, clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at Brown University and author of The Secrets of Happy Families.

Not only do we have the space to `miss' one another—our time together is now on a level akin to those early, passionate first dates." But the move had a positive impact on their professional lives as well: "We both have been able to refocus on other pieces of our lives," says Kaye.

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Popular gossip blog recently reported that actress Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband, Matthew Broderick, were headed for two separate boroughs just after the birth of their twin daughters.Being exposed like this was no strange feeling to her, but the fact that it was happening in front of her daughter and her soon to be son-in-law heaped more humiliation and embarrassment than she had felt in a long time.